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Jus Allah - Universal (ALLAH) lyrics

[Hook: GZA] [x2]
Universal, biochemical
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head is my physical
I keep rhyming till it's unbearable
No individual is comparable

[Verse 1: Bomshot]
Prepare for the second-coming. Soldiers drumming; the wicked's coming
[?] watchtowers armed with holy gunmen
We sk**ed marksmen: pierce hearts of steel targets
Still marching; k** martyrs with God's sergeants
The ill squadron. Peel shots; you can't [?] us
The holy ghost; leaving kids fatherless like Jesus
We true saviours; slaying the crusaders
Christians use lies to enslave us; the Jews f**ing hate us
My rhymes prevail, [?] are sharp, blasting with force
Go against the God, I'll nail your a** to the cross
I drink the blood of Jesus and piss out holy water
Approach the alter and sacrifice your only daughter
Who in their right mind would ever test Allah?
When we be blowing up spots like Hasbollah
Conquer your kingdom; I'll kick your crown in the mud
Torture you until you get drowned in your own blood


[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
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The power that I hold in my hand could fold a frying pan
The Arab sand do as I command
And if I want the night to last across the sky ma**
The clouds won't even allow light to pa**
My group leave alien loops inside graphs
Bow trees, [?], flutes of bra**
A must-have, like my dagger and cloak
And red streaks of blood on my white lab coat
A virgin first woke to give her her first poke
She crept over to my crib after church broke
Since we ain't spoke, but I hit it dumb ways
The unsaved; some days I don't bathe
Unphased by the light: the scorching flame
Tears fall from the ice dripping off your brain
Even if you cry, it won't soften the pain
Your heart is dead: go and get your coffin framed, n***a


[Outro: GZA]
One by one; who you calling your troops on?
Couldn't even bust a grape with spike boots on
Biters are crooks that steal the stage
I read 'em like books, flip 'em and turn the page
Be the GZA; you're living in deep fear
Go home and write and come back in the leap year
With stacks of of sh**, you'll be feeling ill troop
Cause you didn't know the scoop on the GZA

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