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Jus Allah - Through Blood By Thunder lyrics

[Chief Kamachi]
Every brain cell clash with weed
Spit bars with a**a**in speed from a cla**ic breed
Trying to calm down the k**ers, let the caskets breathe
Behind the pews with the Uz till the pastor leaves
It shoots like it's an Al-Queda wrath I wreak
No stopping the suicide bomber path I lead
Paz, scream Jihad, rappers freeze
When the smoke clear can I have some laughter please?
Crack traffic keys of uncut Peruvian
And seal CD's for Europeans and Nubians
Feds try to do me in
But the angel on my shoulder with the lighting hold ya
Always drew me in

[Crypt The Warchild]
Warchild be that n***a who's f**ing bananas
Rough with the grammar, ya'll can't f** with the cannon
Raging angel kid with the fitted halo
Change my aim, spit it from a different angle
Open your face, explosives thrown from the waist
Henn rock from the bottle, I don't go for the chase
I'm so twisted, prolific, the flow sickening
I don't sit around with them faggots you blow dick with
I'm unsigned hyped, f** a mag, f** a label
My time is now, f** the past, f** my debut
I bleed on tracks, cocks**er breathe on that
This sh** is the fix, so please relax

Somebody motherf**ing pa** the nine
He asinine? I put his a** in line
Haters face it, I gotta lace him like Frankenstein
Play it calm, spray his mom, n***as hate me
I'm closing the curtain murking nervous n***as and baby moms
Trouble fast, Costa Rican that's my other half
Pay your lover cash, leave you gagging in a bubble bath
I come from a troubled past
Everybody want your cash
Either that or take it like you owe him half
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Coke and hash, strong E's, n***as smoking weed
Toke and pa**, he off balance like I broke his knees
Focus please, notice me and grab your rosaries
I ain't come to change the game, I came for all the G's
I came to oversee who the f** I'm supposed to be
I came to mold and squeeze myself into a f**ing soldier, please
Pa** the mic, you half-a**ed, we ain't half alike
And if I die I'll sign to Aftermath in my afterlife

[Vinnie Paz]
I murder you and laugh at you, it's hilarious you dead
Everyone who saw me cut you thought it was scary when you bled
Everything you fear is here, I'm the deadliest human walking
I ain't rapping no more, I let the toolie do the talking
I was born to be the light to the sun
You was born to be a sacrifice by knife or by gun
I'm slicing your tongue, cause you profess to be ill
But your brain's small, you still believe wrestling real
Invest in some steel, you a p**y and I called your bluff
Call the coroner, we filling f**ing coffins up
Call the gravedigger, put his body in the dirt
And let me know what it's like to become one with the Earth

[Jus Allah]
You become past, white trash, undercla**
Under gra** unhara**ed
I am unsurpa**ed, I've begun a path none shall pa**
Not the cra**, not the grads, that's a lot to ask
I'm not to adopt a task
Leave the bloodbaths to the brash
Squeeze your gash in my Carafe
Free your must-haves up for grabs
Keep your mustache cut in half
Pray for d**h, escape the flesh
Regress, erase your debts, rea**ess, refresh
Uninformed, unwarned, scorned
Some are lorn, some are born
I am unrushed, untouched
Upper crust, buttered up, such and such
Eloquent malevolence awakens your undeveloped intelligence
Prevalent taking the split out in elephant

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