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Jus Allah - The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms lyrics


The kind of music you play scares people
Why shouldn't people be scared by you?

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Vinnie scream "f** the world" like Shakur
Y'all ain't never really enlist, you pussies stuck in war
Stick a bottle through the esophagus, I'll pop your jaw
I ain't worried about them, they drop deader than Rocky 4
I'm Willie Pep on the defensive, Vinnie box them all
Y'all are pussies, y'all see faggots and y'all will drop your drawers
I'm the hardest motherf**er, I'll stop a storm
I walked into the jungle, cut off all the lion's paws
Black gloves, black mask so who would've seen him?
Y'all don't shoot, y'all play with guns, you Gilbert Arenas
We ain't from the same pain, it's different procedures
Me and Jus the same veins and same intravenous
Yeah, I judge a man by how he dies
Stuff his a** inside a van then the coward dies
Jus Allah who I turn to in a scuffle
Muscle never turns to fat, fat turns to muscle

[Hook] [x2]
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I'm the unforgiving, psycho-driven murderer - Ice Cube
I'll send you home in a body bag you fag - MC Ren
I'm the unforgiving, psycho-driven murderer - Ice Cube
I got a problem solver and his name is revolver - Dr. Dre

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
My n***as will put your dome in a wall from one phone call
Trying to be such a f**ing know-it-all
n***as pop a hole in your boy, put you with Pope John Paul
Shove your body inside of a hole in the wall
I survived every close call, keep the guns loaded to brawl
It's the overall protocol
Y'all just throwing a whole lot of sh** at the wall
I'm throwing a mix of nitrogen and glycerol
We get the pistols from the Big and Tall, you in the trash
Your phone got a million missed calls
I'm with half an ounce and a whole lot of alcohol
I'm blacking out, I'm always around the outlaws
Day in and day out it's murder on the menu
As your team searches for missing persons continue
I'm in blackness where black magic is practiced
It's the habitat where my gat's the happiest

[Hook] [x2]

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