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Jus Allah - Sacrifice lyrics

You've watched so many people die now (x2)

[Movie sample from Antz & (Ikon The Hologram)]
Sacrifice: to some, it is just a word
To others it is a code
What matters is the colony
(Take ya'll motherf**ers to war, what what)
He's willing to live for the colony
To fight for the colony, to die for the colony
(Yo, yo, yo)

[Verse 1: Ikon]
Witness the art of combat
The center is where the bombs at
It's illegal for the feeble to see beyond that
Upon that, cyanide gases, sentinel dent through ya ventricle with nine axes
Time lapses, we on with, brutal and terrible conflict bomb sh**
You gone quick- on a mission to meet your savior
A pitchfork through your b**h-heart, Castlevania
Slayin ya'- we blaze all men
And storm through Allah battlefield with suede Timbs
The ra-ven {raven screech} who made men eyeless
Blinds evil, like a needle through the eye of Osirus
My vibrance will span to Negril
With the violence of Hamburger Hill, to k**
What, what

"To the depths I dive- I dive"

{*scratched: sacrifice *}

[Verse 2: Jus Allah aka Megatraum]
The grains of my fingerprints rub against mics like match flints
Burn slow like Dutchmaster hits
Enter trenches of arms, the Paragon spawn
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Your body's carried and dropped like surrogate moms
Sad realities for those that battle me
Find enemy beats, awaken my sacred force of alchemy
A jaded man, never follows Allah's plan
Rises for sacrifice like Isaac to Abraham
Expect wildness from Heaven's exiles
Coming outta my shells like metal projectiles
Connect soldiers by straight edges, you're left headless
Severed by the line then bisected your necklace
Dreadnaut leaving tread marks from lead shots
Silence your voice box, with infrared dots
Your optics, forced to watch raw torture
Therapeutic, combining your pores with iron straws

"To the depths I dive- I dive"

{*continuous scratching until the end: sacrifice *}

[Ikon (talking)]
You know the f**in deal
The hunter has now become the hunted, motherf**er
Jedi Minds, severing your spine
What's the f**in deal, what's the f**in deal
You will be consumed by your own fire, motherf**er

[More Antz samples]
I know you will all do your duty

"To the depths I dive- I dive"

Jedi Minds banging you in the face
f** all y'all

[Antz sample]
I am proud to send you into battle

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