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Jus Allah - Riddle of the Sphinx lyrics

[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
You mother-f**ers bow to Jus Allah just like now
Put a lot of gra** in my mouth just like cows
f** a lot of gals. Your b**h is Shallow Hal's
Your dick stays drier than [?]
My dick scrapes the ground like trucks with snow ploughs
I only like riding in p**y with low miles
Only like diving in p**y with no styles
And the b**hes who will give up the goodies with no trials
Hanging in the spot where the hoes and d** is
Never talking to the judge in the halls of justice
True God never puts nothing above his
[?] never rises over above six
Understand it all happens as planned
You f**ing faggots: Allah's most savagest man
I never trip; my third eye faster than hands
And the mathematic schematics that I practice is banned

[Verse 2: Bomshot]
Commercial rap took all our loot so now we're smuggling d**
I'll [?] their mugs so they're reduced to a puddle of blood
It's plain to explain: I'mma drain your veins
Bring the pain till you're nothing but stains and remains
I'm not your ordinary dude; watch me run the tools
I'll make a f**ing bloody pool out of your Sunday school
If I'm going to Hell, then f** it: God damn me
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In the mean time, you got drama? I'mma bring it to your family
Y'all mother-f**ers just s** and what
When I see you, that's my word: I'mma f** you up
What you looking at, b**h? I'll stab you in the eye
Torture you so bad, you'll be glad to die
Light a flame to your mummified rags: it'll burn fast
With one nut, I gave Cleopatra a s**m bath
You've been jinxed. Your head turns little when it shrinks
With one guess, I solved the f**ing riddle of the sphinx

[Verse 3: Rip Shop]
You cats fugazi. Crap catch
Usually doing they raps with a splash of Jay-Z
Curtis Jackson and big beat. 300 degrees is cool
You come with the media too
And the media [?] who mislead the peoples is fools
Either prove you the truth or get beat by some dudes
You are street with Adidas and boots
Then get your chick boned and Rip fold her over
My big dick'll show her I'm as freaky as Luke
[?] n***as for doe cause I'm needing some loot
He who recoup get re-robbed; run that sh**
f** being a comeback kid
Even dumber is believing you can f** with this one black fist
Duck: I got another I can come back with
They'll be like "whatever happened to the one wack kid?"

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