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Jus Allah - p**no Flick b**hes (feat. Evil Dead) lyrics

(feat. Evil Dead)

[Inspectah Deck: x8] "I rip it hardcore like p**no flick b**hes"

[Evil Dead]
Aiyo I walk through the allies in the shadows of d**h
From hazardous steps, these stenches leave you gasping for breath
Trench town raps are left trapped in the net
A shackle that'll dangle, from ya hands to your neck
I can't stand to live the vengeance, best protect yo president
The riddle that you speak, can leave yes men guessing it
Blessed be the weak, from the streets to the tenements
Who eating off the weak, with a chief chief residents
Don't ever go against the wall, I broke God's law
Just a little bastard, sawed-off, I got's y'all
Bombs-bombs-bombs, is the sounds in boss town
Perox' give you caution, where the lords of wars found
Quick to draw swords, and cops kick your doors down
Feel the force stealth, split your four pound
I walk around higher than a kite, with my mic out
Like Ralph, psyched out, White House, lights out

[Inspectah Deck: x8] "I rip it hardcore like p**no flick b**hes"

[Jus Allah]
Aiyo, I rip it hardcore like p**no flick b**hes
Who bomb with troops, and ghetto bastards with biscuits
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Check it, my method on the microphone's banging
But rap ain't pain, so I gotta keep slanging

[Evil Dead]
Aiyo, I came to spray, aiming nozzle stay hostile
You thought the Gods was playing, now you laying in the hospital
A lost apostle, leak out bleeding out your nostril
Rocked off the cane and caught it straight through your waffle
A walking copper, with the reign I got on top of you
Filthy swine, don't let the walls of water wash you
You not to stop changing, take the lord's name in vein
My sword swing play that like board games

[Jus Allah]
I wanna hang motherf**ers, just to watch they face change colors
And your soul change covers, demonstrating the others
This ain't a f**ing game, but how we do it, is exactly the same
We send you devils, back where you came
I want the enemy dead, I want the blood to turn my teeth red
Lock your doors, and check your little kids sleeping beds
This is all real, raw deal, this is how we all feel
True indeed, it's Allah's will
Every one submits, regardless if there's something you get
Co-operate, comprehend, it's time to represent
You aren't sure of your self, I am definite
Live by it, til my mind and body will seperate

[Inspectah Deck: x8] "I rip it hardcore like p**no flick b**hes"

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