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Jus Allah - Language is Fatal lyrics

Yeah yeah yall hear it, motherf**in Doap Nixon. Namsayin?
The cat with the lil kid voice but the grown man aim n***a

[Doap Nixon]
Yo whats the difference between the mentally gifted
And the ignorant gettin splifted?
It's that the ignorant could never get this
When i come like 50 egyptians gettin snipted
Leavin the features, hands lit up with life's pieces
Christians forever point fingers on who the beast is
But Doap's thesis: is it peace or is it grief
While you grit your teeth at the arabs in the middle east
Who be on they knees, slow motion as parallel
But my city done fell, victimized to who's the real
You count the chickens before they hatch
And count the thump of my steel, Move amongst the wise
Footprints and rough hoods (hoodlums) jellin (jealous)
You live money, you dumb shook, plus your crew
Yo we philly n***as, I say peace to bust at you
Never a disgusting crew, for lust for the j**els

[Jus Allah]
I keep blunts of cess in between my jaws
I keep chunks of flesh underneath my claws
Animal-like, rape a lady Aphrodite
I watch people bleed to tease my appetite
Slice your mug, we hand and knife thugs
That's so harcore, we banned from Fight Club
Raw, we're nightcrawlin blood alcoholics
Yall only hope is wooden stakes and garlic
Islamic, thinkin on a higher logic
Dressed in Arab garments on flyin carpets
Takin me to hovering starships
With high-powered aeronautics, to ride across cosmics
Lost in space, I pause to meditate
My souls energy causes walls to shake
n***as stand clear when my land get spread
Cause my scarecrows got real klansmen heads

We came thru, invading your village with more weapons
Spies like us make you hit the floor for tension
Squad reppin', dont step into our section
We hard hittin', while you watch the god spittin

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Yo I walk like egyptians around your pyramids
Here's a kid, that spits raw lyrics and splits your wig
Transform my right arm to hydrogen bombs
For my n***as who burn weed till they lighters is gone
Next level, complex rebel without a cause
Sleepy hollow, choppin your heads, riding a horse
The size of my sword, makes you see the eyes of the lord
In my den with a pen waiting for lions to roar
Loud cries, innocent beings being abducted
Alien life, Jesus Christ has constructed
Firewater, brought by the design author
Who holds the globe and patrols in a flying saucer
Mic enforcer, from Outerspace, yo the iller team
King Size and Doap Nix create a ill regime
I split the seam and emerge from a deep corral
And stay with respect like Pun's rest in peace mural

[Vinnie Paz]
Yo we the rawest rappers
If you started we gon' draw with clappers
There's no tommorrow cause we horror and we sharp as cactus
Thas why your jaw shatters, while my floor splatters
I do my dirt all by my lonely with the God Barakus
If you barkin at us, we dump shells
I dent em and bend em and dead em and send em to Hell!
You'll probly yell! you should cry for your dying wives
I severed em with several flying iron knives
Look in the lion's eyes.. and see darkness
Vinnie Paz, animal thug, just straight heartless
YALL GARBAGE, the gods remain conscious
Think Vinnie Paz is sick son? he nauseous
Cobra clutch, I'll blow your midn while you roll a dutch
And leave your children more Holier than Jehovah's touch
You know it's us, dead is how you'll find me
With money in the bank like Fox had in ????


Yow.. Yo Its Vinnie Paz baby. Takin yall mafackers to war
Doap Nix, the god Jus Allah, Plantetary baby
We takin yall mafackas to war, rippin hearts out. Namean? Namsayin?
Jedi Mind forever baby. What the f**in deal?
Stoupe on the track u'namsayin? We bodyin motherf**ers
Whats the f**in deal? Severin heads baby. FUCK YALL!

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