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Jus Allah - Imperial Tyranny lyrics

[Intro - sample and scratches by DJ Kwestion]
Turn the other way cause you wants no part of that

[Verse 1 - Jus Allah]
I'm disgusted and dissatisfied, I don't need to f**ing advertise
I'm a thief, I don't read the f**ing cla**ifieds
I like beef, I don't chitchat and fraternize
With police, pastors, or rabbis
I'm one of the bad guys, I never apologise
I don't just walk around with rocks and pocketknives
When it comes to homicide I'm not occupied
Murder's like oxygen to carbon dioxide
I don't know a lot about science and chemistry
My enemies take a lot of time and energy
When I'm not shooting I get iron deficiency
And I don't wanna have the guys look at me differently
I would rather have a gun than an epiphany
Can't really rely on tricks and wizardry
When I get irrational, that'll be practical
n***as don't believe sh** it's serendipity

[Hook - sample and scratches by DJ Kwestion](x4)
Southpaw verbal jabs to the mouth y'all
Turn the other way cause you wants no part of that

[Verse 2 - Vinnie Paz]
Y'all in the presence of divine science
We don't subscribe to y'all theory of non-violence
I rule with an iron fist, I define tyrants
I went down the wrong path, that's despite guidance
Yeah and y'all are soon to bleed
And I'm from the house of wisdom Haroon Rashid
A goon indeed, ras-clat, Junior Reid
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Y'all overstayed y'all welcome, y'all refused to leave
Refuse to see that the universe is d**hless
I define rhyme with divine mind efforts
It's grind time, I design rhyme methods
It's high time y'all enshrine my records
And I don't know why y'all would f** with the team
That's like standing on the block with no junk for the fiends
Pazienza is in love with the deen
I would jump in front of bullets, shed f**ing blood for my team

[Hook - sample and scratches by DJ Kwestion](x4)
Turn the other way cause you wants no part of that

[Verse 3 - King Magnetic]
I know what violence begets, timeless regrets
Silently sweat bullets when you ride for respect
Rivalry met (blam!) with the vibe you'd expect
Four-pounder makes you flounder only live on the net
You know the Internet thuggery, Internet f** with me
Long enough to see my company s**er-free luckily
Paz heard me then scooped me, spaz earned me this two-piece
Clash surely not rufees smashed girlies is groupies
The last rapper to move me, Ras Ka** what he doing
Rap after the blood bath half of the movie
Gats strapped to my blue jeans, back smack to Djibouti
Backpack is with Uzis, Black Sabbath and Kool G
Point made like I'm sharper than the sh**
Stab wound when you think you sharper than you is
Charlotte's Web with the kids, only time we talk to pigs
I ain't talking courage when I say you getting jigged

[Hook - sample and scratches by DJ Kwestion](x4)
Cause you wants no part of that

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