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Jus Allah - Hell Awaits lyrics

[Verse 1: Jus Allah]

I am deadly
I am into d**h heavily -Desperately
I am dead presently
d**h is best of me
I've accepted d**h as destiny;
I have been blessed excessively -ineffectively
I'm with d**h indefinitely; I don't have a requisite expectancy;
I don't have a preference or discrepancy
I have dealt with d**h and it's complexity
I have dealt directly with it's excellency
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I'm selectively in ecstasy

I live in a cramped cell where ants dwell, where the land swells
It's a handy mans hell, damn well!
I don't care for Samwell or Amstel: I like maximum amounts
Half an ounce, blackouts, and Maxwell house
I don't like jazz or smash mouth
I don't like playing cat and mouse
I'm a mad house
I am never badmouthed
I am either pa**ed out or dragged out
I am either the couch or the cat house

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