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Jus Allah - Ghost Watchers lyrics

[Verse 1 : Anthro]
I take desperate measures for higher pleasure
Transform like Banner when I'm under high pressure
I'll be the hidden agenda
The unknown treasure
The secret offender amongst transcenders
Claiming that you Queen of the now
Bipolar women be acting different
Quick to snap in an instant
But things ain't the same now
Being persistent
Don't get it twisted
Wind up another name on forensic files
The wave I've been paving
Breaking your safe
Violating your space worse than a home invasion
Start wars with advance education
Better find a better replacement, I'm beyond anxious
This ain't rap, this is writing my soul to sell it to Satan
It don't matter how many stories I tell
Cause I know demons is eventually gonna drag me to hell
Gonna drag me to hell yo

[Verse 2 : Jus Allah]
I k** indiscriminately I don't have a preference
Male or female, infancy to adolescence
I cut 'em up, put the parts in the reservoir
Or I stitch them back, put the arms where the legs are
The first time that I saw a coffin I laid in it
The first pool of blood that I made I bathed in it
Sorry I didn't shave, but I'm a danger to myself
My razor isn't allowed to have a blade in it
I'm on my way to hell
I ain't religious
But I still celebrate Halloween, it's like Satan's Christmas
If I didn't work then, and Friday the 13th
It'd be hard for guys like me, to stay in business
I was k**ed right after I k**ed my a**a**in
I was okay dying with that as my last action
But I was brought back
On a wish, from a monkey's paw
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That made something that's equally as bad happen

[Verse 3 : Madecipha]
I'll never rest till d**h, transcended from severed flesh
Gettin stressed whatever then I met her with severed weapons
Rip through eager rappers, stab her in the b**h tube
I sip booze and smoke blunts, poke sluts and keep it moving
Evil doers choose to open up they don't believe I'm human
Do this for my ??? standing in hell
Random kids will sell, understand that I'm made to dwell
Rippin axe at last, carve a target departed
I'm here to the task, got the heart of a spartan
I'm a martyr or a martian
With confidence galore
Hear the bell tolls, you will ?? with apearance now

[Verse 4 : Rypa]
When I drink ghost's blood as you pa** in denial
Trying to stay trapped in their pain you revitalize
Quick from your unwise choice to survive
Hide em in the white noise faint with the cries
Can't hear a word yo, your agony is static
He's an addict, a fanatibe, this had to be the habit
The call wouldn't trace, try to stall but he bailed
Bodies in the walls makin love to the nails
Bleed em in the pails till his density is ?
Hollowed out a rapper every century in hell
The soul that you harbor
You're meant to be a martyr
If the skin carries words I present to you whats Harvard
Vile full of orphans
Labeled them with verses
Unearthing steel born ??? from your churches
Murderous, cold blood bruh call me cobra
Thicker than a uterus in Pompeii with no d**

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