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Jus Allah - Evil Deeds lyrics

[Verse 1: Demoz]
I'm in my bag like marijuana, big gun like the man on Contra
That pipe on ya like an anaconda, true vets
So if you n***as snitching you get left like a fat n***a starving, biscuit missing
Murder mics in the booth n***a my flow tighter
I want life in the booth, I murder ghost writers (ah)
The album dropper, the show k**er, my flow realer
Put a sly rock n***as but I don't know jigga
Pick a pistol and pistol whip you
b**h I'll rip you in pieces and show you
The real definition of what a beast is
I can show you the definition of hate
Dissecting, redirecting your definition of fate
Got these faggot n***as hanging online like I'm phony
I'mma k** em by the end of the movie I'm not Tony
Remove units it's useless to k** you
It's foolish to fill you with ammo
I dismantle anybody that's hating on Pharaohs

[Verse 2: Des Devious]
Heard n***as have a problem with the way that I spit
Need a crowbar to detach their lips from my dick
Herb got my wired, I write slang, cock heat back and throw fire
At lames and at dames, insane in my brain a little bit
Q is the code, right hooks to your dome making you fold
Yeah a n***a step try to play bold
Four-four slam dunk a n***a's soul right in the hole
Ain't like the squadron you facing
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n***a, we dub-statin
Run adjacent with wolves and serve in annihilation
Yeah, Stoupe, we can rhyme with the track
Cutting no slack, darts piercing your chest causing arrest
Cardiac fashion, twelve-deep mashing you out
Do your fam and your gla** out your house
Everybody gonna get it, grandmoms, dogs down to your spouse
Watch you pay for talking sideways out your mouth
Tear your frame and drag your body parts due south
Evil deed is done, gather us, squad out
Hit the pad and laugh, burns L's and drink stout, n***a
Hit the pad and laugh, burn L's and drink stout

[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
I am heartless, I am the f**ing hallmark of harshness
I'm the narcissist of darkness, I am in the industry of mystery
I'm the unofficial victory, I am a Disney of misery
I am uneasy, disagreeable, I'm a vehicle of evil
I'm unequally deceitful, people want wealth
People want the nice stuff life might offer
People in hell want motherf**ing ice water
I do not have control, I don't have a soul
What you have you should hold, what I had I sold
I'm attached to the rope, I am cast in stone
Cast out into the cold, all I have I stole
Bust out with tons of weed, trust and believe
I have done the f**ing deed, I am up to speed
It's a lot on my mind, I am still bitter
If you could go back in time would you k** Hitler

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