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Jus Allah - Engage My Words lyrics

Yield up, O love, thy crown and hearted throne
To tyrannous hate!
Now, by yond marble heaven
In the due reverence of a sacred vow
I here engage my words. (Othello 3.3.448-462)

[Jus Allah]
This ain't rhymes, its evil command
From the demon you'll see again
When you're asleep in the sands
I'm all action, speak with my hands, crack a tree branch
Allah elevate to the peak of advance
Each line meditates so deep it's a trance
If I told you to hang yourself, you'd leave with the chance
When you hear Jus Allah, it's not a reason to dance
What you see is enhanced, what you believe in expands
This is serious sh**, it's the area's lit
There's no aim, I just hate whatever I hit
Natural god, master in charge, battle the odds
Never stray far from the path of our laws
You made up, slapped together and taped up
You fake f**s lay face up or you shape up
Soon as I spit it out, n***as wake up, epiphany
Black wizardry. God lacks mystery. God lags misery
Even if I have to k** every damn devil in Hell to get the victim out

[Wise Intelligent]
I'm not your g**ner, nine-to-nine crack slinger
Turn heavy-rotation rap-R&B singer
Fear nothing when I walk the street
Spare nothing when I talk the beats
I build a school where the gats blow
I mobilize black cashflow
I'm like Jay-slash-Castro
I'm Mister Revolution
I play the bully in a whip, a-leanin'
All the praises do the lights meaning
Ghetto youth singing
And, when a n***a barely eatin', I make a conscious move to keep the teachers
Kiss the son of slaves. I'm black roses on my mother's grave
It's time to turn another dolly page. Behold the Book of Life
I raise the dead and give your hook the life
I shake the planet and produce gods
Call me the best Noah
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My eyes reflect the youngest son of Noah
I'm so much more than just the average flowa
Do the knowledge to me
I'm who your favorite MC tell his kids about
Then try to front like he ain't wipe me when my sh** come out

[Sabac Red]
I shot fear in the face, cut off the head of ignorance
Slit the throat of racism, fought in the best with militants
My diligence equivalent to God
Bookin' life safaris
I scar and torch your editor
Force competitors to deflect what I'm speakin'
Call me an official god-force
I'm a descendant of Aethra
Impeaching Presidents for people lacking the funds
Hijackin' Air Force One
Kidnap the first born son
Reattack 'em with guns
There'll be stoppin' for fun
My energy has tendency to flee and blacken the sun
What's happenin', done
It seem's you're afraid to rise up
Just a dream with no action
Spend your day with you eyes shut
Wise up, this is God, this is the wicked
Evil exists if you let it
Find this in the scriptures
I feel alive when I spit this
Pull a nine within inches
Of these snakes in the trenches
Got my eye on these b**hes
This is a war of the minds, and I'm pa**ed the scholar phase
Now a jealous phase like suicidal rage around the holidays
Follow him on this road before you're crippled and old
Freedom's a gold
The only thing that you sold


Yield up, O love, thy crown and hearted throne
To tyrannous hate!
Now, by yond marble heaven
In the due reverence of a sacred vow
I here engage my words

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