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Jus Allah - Carnival of Souls lyrics

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
I'm an ape in the cage, getting more amazing with age
AK's and Grenades, matter of fact I slay them with blades
They blantantly gays, faggots in berets at parades
And see, my team is unbeatable, the stadium staged
I'm basically crazed, walk in circles, pacing for days
I'm basically dazed, and lost inside a satanist maze
You face the brigade, I hate you and I pray you get AIDS
I go hard on hard beats, y'all to lazy to shave
Too lazy to bathe, and so y'all hate on the God
I'm sick of y'all eating off the same plate as the God
Y'all could never build or conversate with the God
You shooting guns off, I would bomb a nation for God
(I'm a suicide bomber) Y'all don't want no confrontation with God
Y'all are swine eaters, that's abomination to God
(Al hum'du Allah) So put some faith into God
The objective is to finally conquer f**ing satan with God

[Hook: Demoz]
I think we got a problem, take me out this f**ing column
See all these phony actors, I don't like these phony rappers
f** all the story telling, I don't like these story fables
You n***as sound like cable, f** you and your f**ing label

I think we got a problem, Vinnie Paz a f**ing problem
Maserati, I'm a problem, Jus Allah's a f**ing problem
Criticism from critics but we don't f**ing care
All we hear is the drum beat and the f**ing snare

[Verse 2: Demoz]
All I got is too much hate, not enough love
Too many plates, not enough grub
Too many snakes in the gra**
I gotta k** one, cause the gun ain't got enough slugs
Body under the belt, not enough blood
Shotty under the shelf, not enough thugs
You're a b**h you ain't gonna do sh**, s** a dick
Cause I been had your b**h in the lobby on d**
I ain't no plug, I ain't no snitch
I ain't no blood, I ain't no crip
Motherf**ing hood, where I be, everyday
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You don't like me?
Come see me n***a, I ain't no b**h
Far from the last man damn man
You could be the man what they said
So I focused on the damn plan
Face straight like I just did a handstand
Used to be shy now I'm focused like a head cam
Demoz, say hello to the sandman
Gun pop, good god where your man layin'
See that b**h right there with the damn tan
Couple shots put the b**h in the damn van
Take her home put her in the zone
Dick like an L, she gonna put it to the dome
Wack DVDs all these n***as in the streets
Showing n***as where they live and their fridge and their chrome
n***a please
Do you really think I'm dumb enough to show a motherf**ing n***a where I live at
Jeopardize where my wife and my kids at
Come home find my young boy kidnapped
n***a hit that L that you hit, because you motherf**in crazy if you think I will
Pistol Gang to the day I hang
Or I see my d**h, I'm gonna keep it real


[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
You should make peace before we pull the peace-makers
I don't want the streets waking up the sleeping neighbours
I don't want police pacing up the streets later
But the k**ing has me feeling like a teenager
Sign your soul over, here's a blank piece of paper
I'll fill in the details, you can read it later
We should keep in contact, I may need a favour
It's not breach in contract, no release, and waivers
It's slavery and cheap labour is a decent bargain
It's monopoly, I'm landing on free parking
It's blood out here, gotta keep my teeth sharpened
Gotta keep cream, gotta keep a green garden
You doing everything you can just to keep from starving
I'm Rastafarian and partying, usually with more than one darling
It's disheartening, b**hes know I ain't Romeo or Prince Charming

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