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Jus Allah - Black Arts lyrics

[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
I puff the best plants
It ain't a drug test at the d**h camp
I don't change the motherf**ing bed pans
Time to change the bucket where the heads land
Clear it for the next damned
Lefthanders don't belong near Bethlehem
Severe reprimands, cruel and unjust, - the fun stuff
I got a blood lust, call me a lush
You say prayers for the dead like air heads
You mixed up the round holes and square pegs
Rock your dome knock lose wads and combs
Blow down your homes into cobblestone
The aftermaths a disaster zone, a wasteland
The blast radius disintegrates ape man
Wakin' up another morning, blood on my shirt
Never gets boring, when true love is at work
I see dead people, I never see enough
The ambulance, is an ice cream truck

[Hook: Jus Allah & iCon the Mic King]
What's mines is mines
What's yours is mines
The black arts, art of rhyme, it's our time
Two voices, one mind
The king and the god
From darkness to sunshine

[Verse 2: iCon the Mic King]
Retaliation comes when the fallen angels perfect their scrolls
I'll delete your file once I decompile your genetic code
Took a blessed oath
A sk** and a touch of honor
Always got to one up yall n***as like f**in' contra
Fall victim to circumstance when I make a leap of logic
I run laps around time and teach inanimate objects
The plan and the process, so I won't have to be near
For yall n***as to fold under pressure, like beach chairs
I hit you so hard with your stares the spot where you land
Your organs will invert, you'll write with your opposite hand
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I catered the last supper helped Jesus escape from the nails
Now I'm man handling you snakes to prove faith in myself
I'll stare into the sun until it's too scared to show and
I write two different rhymes at the same time with both hands
No chance, of you defeating me
Cause all life is vibration I'll tune out your frequency
Make speech manifest, easily designed to leave an imprint in the streets of China
I'm unlimited, think you can truly stop me
Remains to be seen like exhuming a body

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Jus Allah & iCon the Mic King]

(Jus Allah)
I need a down a** witch with a broomstick
Hammer and nails, and a six foot crucifix
A napkin and some toothpicks
Let my belt loose, after all the of the head I'm f**ing useless

(iCon the Mic King)
I touch the music, and inert the infinity
You love abuse b**h, I'll convert you to energy
Me and Jus working in synergy, exposing the truth
I'll use a hammer to crack your smile like I'm making a sculpture of you

(Jus Allah)
Tear your culture in two
Reduce your crew down to a few
You only do what we allow you
Bow in the presence of the all powerful
Master of the day of requtial, I'm infallible

(iCon the Mic King)
We do the impossible divide by zero and get a result
I don't cast the shadow I am the shadow, I cast the self
[?] be alike, to the [?]
Because we both roll with the punches like lunch carts

[Hook x2]

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