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Jus Allah - Battle Hymn lyrics

[Verse 1: Apathy]
I travel underground like the Goonies with a bag full of uzis
Emerging in a corner store where Arabs sell loosies
My banger's on the waist, I never wave it around
But I always chamber a round when there's strangers around
Set my phaser to k**, my force field is on max
Never relax, study the facts and stockpile gats
Cause the sky's about to bleed blood out from the clouds
This gas mask's in my backpack when walking through crowds
The post-apocalyptic, optic fitted with bionic circuitry
Surgically planted perfectly, no way to word it verbally
But extrasensory perception got me detecting
Any cop or detective, intercept them, and stop 'em with weapons

[Verse 2: King Syze]
King Syze, Vinnie Paz, we like Animal Hawk
Grammatical master for art, Heavy Metal we smashing your thoughts
We upper level, you rappers are technicians
Undergraduates I gotta doctorate when it comes to ripping
Scientific, I was spawned from a different species
And if you beat me, you gon' fight me every time you see me
It's never over, f** Syze it's King Cobra
I'm brushing off my shoulders, spittin lethal plus we taking over
I'm getting older so I live by the new slogan
That Philly sh** the barrel smoke will leave your head open
IIt's open season on any rapper who want to beef with
The Army of the Pharaohs, yeah man we'll bring the seasoning

[Verse 3: Crypt the Warchild]
Don't hit me with the drama, don't approach me 'bout no B.I
Cause I'm a Pharaoh king, and y'all ain't worthy of a reply
Bodies I've caught decomposing on the seaside
Catch me river dancing through the bloody waters, knee-high
Mind state is cutthroat, can't walk around deprived
My team shut it down, any access will be denied
Crown royal status Puerto-Ricans, that's how we ride
Nocturnal souls mesmerized by the streetlights
One shot at glory, game will never give you three tries
For the haters I've murked, they would love to see me die
Acid tripping vision, everything look hi-defy
Drugs, money, liquor, only things that get me by

[Verse 4: Jus Allah]
I got a lot of hate, I got to learn to love, stop the date
But some days I would rather murder than populate
Either way, I gotta open up the cosmic gates
Who knows what the future holds, gotta watch and wait
I can't function clear, keep a ton of guns and beer
I never sweat it, I get arrested like once a year
My gun big as two guns, you should cover your ears
Believe half of what you see and nothing you hear
Nobody listens, I got a lot of ground to cover
Bullets go in one ear and out the other
Tucked the weapon in, kick his face
In the blood pool like give him a taste of his own medicine

[Verse 5: Esoteric]
Impeach the president, I'm pulling out my ray-gun
Chuck D's greatest line and y'all ain't even thank him
Y'all ain't on my radar, horrible like Hagar
Mos Eisleys flow, beats banging on the space bar
Haters get mad, start banging on the spacebar
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Flip over the desk, ought to take it up with HR
Your b**h give Bad Brains, like she work for H.R
I be where the rays are, you wonder where the weights are
I'm a cannibal, you cats wonder where the plates are
I know that I'm immortal why you wonder where the gates are
I Cold Crush your Brother like Grandmaster Caz
Paz work with the .45 like Lakim Shabazz

[Verse 6: Blacastan]
I'm from the East Coast n***a, but I'm still loc'ed out
I grew up inside the crack-house, my moms was smoked out
You know the kid with the bummy kicks, holes in his jeans
Same shirt, chilling on some bummy sh**
Yeah, that was me though, attracted to the metal like Magneto
Sneakers started talking like ay bandito
Got my own never borrowed or begged for sh**
Now it's on cause I'm rolling with the Pharaohs legit
Tired of rappers always rhyming that bullsh**
Catch at you at your CD signing, with a full clip
Now, how you feel about the Pharaohs and the Demigodz?
That's what I thought n***a, because we large and in charge

[Verse 7: Celph Titled]
Keep shooters on stash, move and they blast
Refugees that came on an inner tube with a gat
Rubix Cuban code name, but you will respect the handle
Spend checks on Windex so I shine the chrome enamel
I throw hands with the devil so ain't much to fear after
b**hes cry over me, I'm a top tier rapper
American Idol with a wet wipe for you Desperate Housewives
Firecracker go off from my brick, the whole house white
And I will outright say that you soft
I write your favorite writer that you base your style off of
I'll let the Tec blast in ya, if the check cash finish
Shells give you a turtle-face, make ya back splinter

[Verse 8: Planetary]
With the semi-automatic, sipping henny in the attic
Spitting heavy with the god of the Serengeti blasted
Fasted, ‘till I downloaded the attachment
The hunger came back, and I'm eating like a savage
Walking through the labyrinth, imagining it's Nazareth
Throwing more stones at the throne, lone catalyst
Puff puff pa** it, that ain't ever been me
Only had the urge to annihilate the emcee
Used to ride the ten-speed, and copped the top ten sneaks
Never thought I'd be in Budapest counting ten Gs
But it all makes sense to me
Pharaoh clique sick man we thick more than ten feet

[Verse 9: Vinnie Paz]
If I ain't heard of y'all rappers then you gotta be soft
That's the reason why I talk about the bodies I caught
Bodies in north, New Haven down to New York
If it's a fight they put in front of me, it's gotta be fought
They got me in court for carrying the burner on the waist
My lawyer is an animal, he murdering the case
Boombox hardbody murdering the tape
I'll take your f**ing heart like a burglar on a date
I'm magic with the four-fifth, perfect with the eight
I lavish with the lyricals, superlatives is great
Mash a motherf**er out, tourniquet his face
Jheri-head rappers ain't a**ertive as the great, yeah

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