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Los Angeles-based hardcore quartet Jughead's Revenge have been delivering their own brand of speedy punk since the late '80s. Their first few releases were on their own Hard record label, including Unstuck in Time, their debut LP. Another early LP, it's Lonely at the Bottom was re-released in 1994 on BYO Records, who would be their domestic record label of choice for several years. The band, who consisted of singer Joe Doherty, guitarist Joey Rimicci, ba**ist Brian Preiss and drummer Jarrod Thornton, would release several albums for BYO, including Elimination in 1993, and 1995's 13 Kiddie Favorites, all featuring the same pure punk sound, unsullied by the glam rock that was all the rage in L.A. at the time. In 1996, they jumped ship to Nitro Records, who released Image is Everything in 1996 and Pearly Gates in 1999. ~ Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide

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