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Joydrop - Over + Under lyrics

Tumbling down from a cartoon sky
Screamin' all the way but we never die
Climbing to the top just as fast as we can
To do it again
It's time to move on so I say farewell
But they're pulling me down
Like crabs in a barrel in a barrel

It's no big surprise
But I still can believe my eyes

I'm doubling over
I'm bubbling under
I'm doubling over
I'm bubbling under
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I'm doubling over
I'm bubbling under and sometimes I wonder....

A thousand smiles from a thousand miles away
But when you look in their eyes they've got nothing to say
Artificially made like orange cheese
and pink lemonade

I've got nothing to prove
'Cause I'm so far removed

There's ways and means
There's wheels inside of wheels
Stop shutting me out and closing your deals
'Cause you have no idea how that feels
How that feels

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