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Jonny Unconscious - Home Coming lyrics

(Intro: Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes - I Miss You)
I miss you baby
I miss you miss you miss you
(I miss the old you, yah)

When you comin' home? You come back on the week-ends
Tryna find myself, but that home sick feelin' see been
Through cracks, I don't know how, my smile never shows now
People in my business, like rowdy up n' go now
But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta plan for
Cuz babies is contagious, and that's not what I stand for
If I had one, I'd be running but it wouldn't be the reason why I ran for
It would be the reason why I needed all these fans more
Money hungry cuz enough money isn't enough money
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I learned things bite you in the ass when you least expect it
On the verge of my success, now she three months and expecting
Goddamn, ain't that a bitch, dawg?

Now ya know why niggas always pissed off
I gotta make it for this baby
I don't need to starve and I got a car seat and no car to drive in
Walk a mile in my kicks, I got my only pair of shoes on
I can't get my kid a crib if I'm on my nigga's food tongue
I can't afford to do wrong when I can't afford a dolla
Good lookin' but I got a girl so I don't need to hold a holla
Do good in your short life and good things are sure to follow
Like a million dollas, and then don't ever slow up
Cuz when people don't show up they all gon' wish
They came whenever they gon' see you blow up

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