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Jonny Santos - Play God lyrics

[Verse 1]
Trying to understand
How someone like you can still sleep at night
Or are you too busy playing god
To fuckers that are chewing at your lies
(Another loser born?)

[Verse 2]
Fed on my fragile mind
Still I stood up on my broken knees
Cause everything that you took
Gave me immunity to your disease
(Another life is torn?)

I won't hear, I won't see
I will never be a part of your cause
Cause I'm alive, and I still breathe
And your just a fucking waste of

Time, what you tried to offer me
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Was it really worth it?
Sew up this hole inside of me
Cause you'll never take it

[Verse 3]
I don't fear what you are
Because you're only dangerous to what is weak
Clinging to the stories you create
You make a living off of Souls that bleed
Another dotted line



I'm becoming of nothing
This is what you started


Never take it

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