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Jonny Lives! - Love Conspiracy lyrics

When the past has passed you by, and the time has come to make a change, its too late, Im downtown, on the bowery again. When the cards are caving in, when the setting sun won't say your name, in my arms and My mind, Ive got redemption-

Chorus: its just another love conspiracy, shes trying to blame it on me know, yeah, yeah yeah yeah- 2x
Im the best that ever was, Im the worst, That ever there could be, and as I pass through this life it deceives me again. Im the saint that never was, Im the devil dressed up in disguise, I as I pass though this life , I got redemption-
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Bridge: And when I found out that Id always been the cynic, then I ran out of words to say. When I stumble through the love and the devotion, then I found another way-
Solo/ Chorus 2x

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