Jonalyn Viray - Help Me Get Over lyrics

Help Me Get Over lyrics


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I know that this wound will bleed again Now I’m here right beside the one I love I see he’s in love with someone else Now I know I just got to let him go Because it’s over, Help me get over Chorus: I don’t know what to do There is no easy way of letting go But I know there’s no sense In holding on too much to something fading Help me, Help me Help me get over you Now I see, You’re so happy with her Deep inside I just don’t know what to feel Oh, I’m sure, You don’t need me anymore So I’ll go on, Try my best to just move on Now that it’s over, I got to get over (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: I know I’ve got to leave it all behind Somehow I’ll try to get you off my mind So tell me what to do Help me get over… (Repeat Chorus) Help me get over you… Hmmmm…

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