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Jon Bellion - She Knows My Heart lyrics

So basically you're like the only person who's not impressed by any of this and I love that

[Verse 1:]
Work-a-holic, I'm a bad one
Sitting in front of this computer
Couldn't move me with a handgun
Us musicians are a sad bunch
Half the time I can't remember if I had lunch

(But she knows my heart she knows my heart)
She knows my heart (my heart)
She knows my heart (my heart...)
She knows, knows my, knows my

[Verse 2:]
I understood when you were mad at me
I came an hour late but you fled the scene
Spanish waiter said: she peace'd around 9: 15


[Verse 3:]
Before anybodies trunk knocked
I was a skinny little Italian
With nothing but a jump shot
And if I ever got a hot head
She would call up Judy Bellion
In a hot sec, you bet


[Verse 4:]
She's like a song so eclectic
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And her eyes are like a string section
And her legs are like a electric guitar
And I'm Hendrix
I'm tempted to shred along her frets kid

You get it?
Like shred along her frets
Like a guitar reference cause her legs...
Like I'm basically explaining this right now
She's not even gonna be able to follow what's going on
And I think, like I said before
That's what I like most about her
What's wrong with me?

[Verse 5:]
She sees past everything
No smoke, no mirrors
To see me clearer
I think about wedding rings
Let me slow down (oh no)
Let me slow down (oh no)
And if she ever left this home
I'd have trouble breathing on my own
Now I feel like you need to know
You gave wings, gave wings to my soul

Thank you Dilla for your swing and pocket
And ridiculous you did, that inspired me
And The Roots, you guys go without say

But she knows my heart...
My heart...
My heart...

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