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Jon Bellion - Angels lyrics

[Chorus: Jon Bellion] (2x)
Angels carry you to land
Past what you see, what you know, and where you're living
Stay your, stay your course young man
There's light at the end of the tunnel that you digging

[Verse 1: KING SOL]
Well if you had one chance and somebody said to you
That you could go and chase your dreams, you could make it all true
Have you ever had a dream where you could be almost whatever
Free from all oppressors and free to chase your endeavors

Well meet Billy, he wanted to be a painter
His mom was a hard worker, his dad was a park ranger
His parents wanted him to stay out of financial danger
Thought Billy was a failure, he'd never learn to labor

But Billy had a dream, he didn't plan on giving up
He painted daily on the sidewalk, held out a cup
Hoping for spare change sitting with his stomach pained
Tried to maintain his work as it started to rain

And then one day a man stopped by and looked at Bill
Put out his hand, dropped down a hundred dollar bill
Billy just smiled, handed out what he'd created
Cause he could see success and knew that someday he would make it

[Chorus] (2x)

[Verse 2: KING SOL]
Well meet Annie, she never thought she would make it
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The days were so long, pretty soon she couldn't take it
Ran away from home, holding nothing to her name
In her mind was the thought of her parents taking the blame

She kept walking, passed a painter on the sidewalk
Talking to herself, thought that she could hear her mind talk
Started to slow down, felt a feeling from above
See she had never realized how fortunate she was

Annie turned around, no longer felt so alone
Gave the man a quarter on the street to her home
She crossed the street, and started and thinking ‘bout her future
Thinking of a fresh life, started something newer

So Annie switched her attitude, stopped acting a fool
Embraced life thankfully and then went back to school
So even if you feel like everything is wrong
Just remember that you don't know what you got until it's gone

[Chorus] (2x)

[Bridge: KING SOL]
See, I been through ups, but I've also been down
Ran out of breath on the track but I still make it around
Because those people waiting for you at the finish line
They're the ones you shouldn't ever try to leave behind

It's funny, how sometimes you really need to learn your lesson
To bounce back we all truly need to go through recessions
And I been trying to work out all of my confessions
But sometimes you ain't ready ‘til you know your own direction

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