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Jon Bellion - 5 Fingers Of Death (Freestyle) lyrics

[Sway In The Morning Intro]
This is Sway, Sway, Sway, Sway
In the morning, in the morning, in the morning
Wake yo punk ass up!

[Intro of Jon Bellion: Sway (Jon Bellion)]
That's right we got Jon Bellion, he's here
Reach out for him on social media
Human Condition's the name of the album
There's a track called "New York Soul (Part II)"
You mentioned a few people that you liked, growing up
A few producers that you admire
You got 5 beats, to either wreck, it or get wrecked,ugh
Wonder drop the beat on him
Uh, uh, yeah, uh
You know who made this beat
Who made it? It's a Luda track though right?
Yeah Luda's song

[1st Beat]
New York or in California pack Brooklyn up in this bag
Malibu with the Bronx

[2nd Beat]

[Interlude: Sway (Jon Bellion)]

[3rd Beat]
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Meet me in a red dress

[4th Beat]
She'll make you think that she the wife
And that you found the one
But she just looking for that powder

Like uh

[Interlude: Sway (Jon Bellion)]
Whoo! beat number 5 Jon Bellion is here
Ladies and gentlemen Sway In The Morning
5 Fingers Of Death, Neptune's edition

[5th Beat]
Yeah, uh, let me the give the kid just a little help
Uh, tell them money is not the key to wealth
Uh, cause if it could stop the pain
How the fuck do you explain a bunch of millionaires that killed themselves
Uh, so you could take me off you winter shelf
Uh, I got different vision I'm bringing help
Uh, I know the demons in the room gon' say it's more than I can chew but now all I hear is the dinner bell
Uh, I need a family that love's me right
Uh, don't need a chain, don't need a club at night
Uh, had a conversation with an angel she told me I cheat death if i stay away from the party life
Dropped off in the land where the artist play
L.A, where gods way is the hardest way
Uh, told myself I'm keeping my faith if it cost me my reputation then fuck it I'll give it all away

[Outro: Sway (Jon Bellion)]
Woah! [?]

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