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Joko Tha' Rapper - Red Is My Blood lyrics


[Verse 1: Tech$ Finesse]
I'm about to die but..
Everybody say I'm a criminal
But just one day I'm fly as a kite you know
People think I'm fresh but I'm..
You know
People wanna hate but look I'mma fell-ino
The first time I rap
Its time just my wrap
"I keep that ba**, got more money in my pocket than you keep in your safe, no ones safe, hungry dawg my pockets are overweight from eating so much cake
I take your b**h on a dinner date
Text her so intimate (in-two-mate) then she throws away her dinner plate and we begin to mate, hungry for a deal Youtube allstarts views Cruise past ya'lls like Toms
Mission impossible its so improbable driving of fossil fuel
Swim in an impostors pool
"Now dive in s**a."
'I'm not gonna say that I got money and the b**hes
All I wanna f**in' say, I wish I had them riches
Instead of playing outside with them motherf**ing kidses'
I'm smoochin' beats and rhymes like I was giving b**hes kisses
Damn, so high, so high, times just continue to flow by
Don't know why, but my mind is racing
Maybe cuz daily I rhyme amazing, I got a dream and I'm tryna chase it, BLAM
Shut the front door, silly dumb whores tryna f** around
When I come around with these underground f**in' sounds
You better back down, laugh now, b**h are you the cla** clown?
Get tossed around like it's smack-down, stand out get the f** out of the background
Bright summer sun heat on my back shirt in my hand going blind fitted blocks my eye staying high as I write as a kite with all my might I just run when they got the gun and sirens I just from the violence dont pity if I die just play the violins Late at night drunk dialing on my phone, just let ring leave a message hear my breathe in the beats in my sleep when I dream still free-styling
They say I'm sipping on that purple but I ain't really tho
I'm sippin' on that lean
Call that Wanton Fine
Wanton Wine, and you know I got them fines
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IRS on my sh**, cuz I smoke on that weed
And I'm smoking on your girl clit unh

[Verse 2]
Trill metronome
Steel at yo dome
Squeeze of the index
Leave a n***a breathless
Scratch him off the checklist
Hoes acting reckless
Get over on em easy like eggs my breakfast
Have em peering over hedges
Looking rough around the edges
Little did they know

[Verse 3]
Fell in with the wrong crowd,and sprouted with my own style
Germinated to exterminate
Send chills down ya vertebrae
Paralyze your mySimon
Chopper is a violin
Murder melodies with instrumental violence
Yep. Unh
Let People Freestyle if they want to
It's how they express themselves
I got all the credibility. Yep
I see things unseen by human beings of the norm
So I'm half beast, Half God
Master Human for there's no regard for me in hell and hellfire shells
And I'm asking in tears when the sun has a storm
You been had. Face down, a** up, a** crack
Friends with the enemy now in demand
No there's no secrecy and don't know what's theirs
I don't know life ain't fair so I win this
Wait. Wait. Wait

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