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Joji - Medicine//You lyrics

[Part 1: Medicine]

[Sample 1] x2
Pick it up, pick it up
Pick it up, up, pick it up, up
It's just medicine

[Verse 1]
I just read our old texts
And I was too ambitious just to see what was next
We used to make fun of people saying the word 'blessed'
And through all the stress, we never got to rest
You were never mad at my crew
At the end of the day, it was only me and you
Sideshow don't fuck this up
I hope this girl don't fuck this up
You know, I wanted to fuck on prom night
But I got lucky 'bout 4 months early
Somehow in the mix of things
I got a bad head rush, now it's all swirling down

[Part 2: You]

[Sample 2]
As long as I've got you

[Verse 2]
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Fuck it, used to walk around and strut like it was nothing
It was you that I was seeing
And then you just saw me nuttin'
Pull your face so close to mine, I was thinking you were fine
Until you snapped at me that one day
And I never let that walk the line
Now it's, fuck you and whoever you show up with
I'm sorry that I made that movie called 'HellFish'
Nah, not really tho bitch, you a silly hoe bitch
If think that shit was gold, then good for you
Now I'm really gold bitch, and where are you?
Now I'm really gold bitch, and where are you?
Bottom of the line, Dos Equis with the lime
I remember that summertime where everything was good enough to make me think that everything is fine
Now it's like, fuck that shit
School started and I fucked that bitch
That pussy is my scratch and sniff
If you think I care then you can suck my dick
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you cheated hoe
You're lucky I don't let my Facebook know
You're lucky I was nice enough to let it go
My hearts too cold, now I let it snow
See me? I don't act like she blew me
I'm the motherfucker sporting cash in these blue jeans
I'm the motherfucker who's the king of the whole team
And I'm the motherfucker mixing rum in his ice cream

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