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John Stirratt - Passenger Side lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hey, wake up, your eyes weren't open wide
For the last couple of miles you've been swerving from side to side
You're going to make me spill my beer
If you don't learn how to steer

Passenger side, passenger side
I don't like riding on the passenger side

[Verse 2]
Roll another number for the road
You're the only sober person I know
Won't you let me make you a deal
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Just get behind the wheel


Should've been the driver, could've been the one
I should've been your lover, but I hadn't seen

[Verse 3]
Can you take me to the store, then the bank?
I've got five dollars we can put in the tank
I've got a court date coming this June
I'll be driving soon


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