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[Verse 1] I have heard the war and worry of the gospel Ferry fast across the void I have married broken spoke charging smoke wheels Spit and swallowed opioid I am the driver at the wheel of the horror Marching circles at the gate Mine eyes have seen the fury So flattered by fate [Verse 2] Tonight, I'd rather count the warm fuse internally Subtract the silence of myself I would rather choose the middle mind of mystery Reverse a riddle for my health I'll unwind strange rinds overpowering Toss the chimneys in the sea I believe I've seen The finger divine extremity [Verse 3] Please come closer to the feather smooth lens fly Sadness is my luxury Will you weather, join the cold, come before I die More aware of it than me The valves are blowing stone The kids are unabashed Loneliness postponed Mine eyes deceiving glory I was born to die alone Alone

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