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John Savage - Return to Earth lyrics

The flight of the mic, When i Write is a sight to be seen
Bite on my teeth Jet fighters they flee, Won't like When i'm mean
Got caught in a thought, that memory brought saw clouds in my dreams
Intention does gather up plots, my projection does not matter i'm lost
My vessel travels the black sea, Where stars are the only light i can see
My senses became pretentious, advice to learn the vice When i breathe
Heard me that i been on this Journey, for many years i saw time as disturbing
A burden the sands i Watched and Waited, i became impatient With these earthlings
Embracing the facts been given a task, Removing my mask seemed much Worse
Possibilities are vast if i Remain intact, logistically i do the math, its time i Returned to

So much doubt, do i deserve my Worth
I guess i can figure that out, on my Return to earth

Doubt in me Who Will Welcome me, do these fools Remember Who i used to be
To survive i had to Remove myself, convinced of the end is What the noose did seem
Can they look past When i'm Within the grasp, is my changes now my attempt to act
To a**imilate to appease my dinner date, no answers collected but i continue to ask
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Stressing how do i stay on this path, i'm not among those Who believe a grave is a trap
As i leave these ideas i gain focus, hoping What is Written can be saving my a**
These Words be the bridge from my mind, even i am sometimes afraid to look inside
For the ink touch the unconscious, the Freudian fears should be avoiding my peers
They can't begin to comprehend, my thoughts must block this not pretend
So defeated With a flow the meanest, i see the structure to ensure this is not the end

So much doubt, do i deserve my Worth
I guess i can figure that out, on my Return to earth

Can't escape my lifeless debates, took my vows and i Was proud
Riddled to get Rid of my soul, Widow'd took my Wife to the gates
So much time to Replay my mistakes, memory set in tableau
Distorted the history to fit to me, purpose in my Words When i Rap slow
What keeps me going i don't know, but it seem i ain't the type to plateau
At least not until i get that feast, stain my teeth in the blood of the meat
Those i defeat they carca** on the table, spark up blow smoke through my nasal
Relax and find a place comfortable, out the Womb i Was the Runt of the batch
I stayed on my path and Won the match, sit on my throne a moment of entitlement
Catch a sight of him the Whitest grin, not a bit sadistic Would he like to sin
No need for a fixed prescription, Return to this planet to see how the script ends

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