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John Savage - Dumb Down lyrics

[iBust] Radio Voice "When science and technology are used with human concern in a world in which all of the earth's resources are held as common heritage for all then you can consider there might be intelligent life on Earth."
The world is evil because of the people
That do nothing in their life but following like lunatics sequel
I'm lethal probably illegal when I lay my vocal it's fueled like diesel
My peaceful mind of sate
Can't stand this unequal
I'm-one-of-a-kind like a tetrahedral pyramids
But also more complex than a Rubic Cube in fact
I've read the facts about the government like Goldman & Sachs
The corruption going on over your head is your only religion
And with rap
My function is to expose the lies with a new vision
No more war or poor people around would be a necessity right now
If you care about your family
Why dont you care about the other 83% of planet population
So i came to bring the peace, not the pain and also mention
Cause when I take the mic
Y'all feel the wrath of my penalty
The fact you wealthy but ain't ready or steady
Mean you will stay the same category as Jay-Z

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You gotta dumb down

You greedy punk ass wack rappers get dissed in your own fake game
When I lay my vocal on the track
I'm a vocalist ya'll stay the same, lame
While the instrumental diss ya whole sample
Make your mind state fall in the hand of the present moment Like it's a miracle
Factual on track never faded or late
I'm on the track to show the steez and the skills like that
I ain't fool like that nor cool like that I rule my rap
And get realer than real when I groove like that, ha!
Ya lack of knowledge about important fact
Show why you only rap about material well, only crap
IBust THAT fake mac type of lyricist
Thinking they all look fat and glamorous
But when Imma slam this they'll get blown like dust in front of the fucking cameras
Kick them I'm the face yeah trust me
I'm ruff when I puff the marihawi constantly
I'm cancerous for avarice in emcees
I explode them with ease

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