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John Savage - Cheaters Never Win (Freestyle) lyrics

[Sample: Love Committee]
Cheaters never win

[Intro: Khary]
Yeah, hey
S‘all way, s‘all way, s‘all way
You say
Knowing I‘ma have my day
I been thinking, I been working hard
Thinking, I been working, oh baby
All day

[Verse 1: Khary]
There I was front desk at The FADER
Did it on my own I ain‘t ask for a favor
Shitty rappers had meetings
I would buzz them in
For the magazine but I ain‘t feel they deserve the paper
Took two years to even tell them that I rap
By the third year, I already know I got the tracks
Now I‘m Kanye in ‘07
My own graduation
And you can‘t tell me nothing, right
Do you know what that feels likes?
Industry parties in the night
Bunch of people I don‘t like
Where they name drop just to get in VIP
And complain about the shit that they got in for free
You can suck my D-I-C-K
Got hits like the ex-wife of Enrique
Tracks get bodied like Beyoncé on her b-day
I‘m the future, you can call it Deja Vu when you see me

[Spoken: Khary]
Yeah, tried to tell ‘em man
S‘all way, s‘all way, s‘all way
Knowing I‘ma have my day and the people say
S‘all way, s‘all way, s‘all way
Knowing I‘ma have my day and the people say

[Verse 2: Khary]
A lot of rappers blowing up quick like fireworks in the dark
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Just to get dropped like babies that don‘t grow up too smart
That was pure banter
I fear no man the way that I fear cancer
‘Cause you can‘t cheat that shit
Niggas bite style like I fell in Lake Placid
But even if I made you me, you would have never lasted
Turned 21 and moved to New York in the same month
I was feeling small like the city I came from
Now I feel
Big Willie Style
Patience is a virtue I ain‘t figure out
The ones that ain‘t want to drive with you in rain
Will be the same ones mad you took a different route
Gotta get it out
I been pissed off
Niggas say they down to go to Mars with you
But they always absent at the lift off
Fronting ass bitches make my dick soft
A lot of kissing ass you should prolly clean yo lips off
Mike, keep it going
Loop the beat, I finally got a moment
To show ‘em who really Jesse Owens, no opponents
Niggas want my blueprint
Measure out the angles but I promise you
You will still be missing some components
I got the glow
Tell them to go
Why they always on it?
Captain and Coke
Something to smoke
Cure my disappointment
Haters got it backwards, so I guess they double jointed
Any fuck boy meeting, I‘ll be late for the appointment
Switch gears like a stick shift
Bitches clocking in at 2am for the dick shift
Love a dirty chick who like to clean all the dishes
I still give her inches, though, I hate that she pretentious
Gotta take the waves as they come
The days as they run
Going off like a slave with a gun
I‘m aiming for fun
People fake, they don‘t miss the real ‘til it‘s gone
When they find out Lance's arm wasn‘t that strong

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