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John Keenan - The King or A Jester lyrics


Started slipping
Fell and finished at the bottom
Didn't wanna be omitted
So I changed

Couldn't understand the things
That make me lawless
Soft in the start
Then I hardened
From pain

I wanna live
But I'm caged in the madness
The last of em traded
And wasted the pa**ion

Facts were displayed
Rearranged for the ma**es
Perhaps we were played
If ya ask
Then your stained

If im late
I was framed
Living jaded and frayed
Wanna place
I can sit
Where the rain
Doesn't stay

Am I wrong
If I'm different
A song for the strange
Want it all
From a distance
Caught in a maze


Do you wanna be
The king or a jester?
Do you wanna be a boss
Or a slave?

I've been living in the rain
Don't wanna talk about it
I'm feeling nauseous
The cost isn't sane

Would you rather be a thief
Or a pheasant
Do you ever think God is a dream?

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I believe in everything
Don't wanna talk about it
Living honest is hard but I'm free

Verse two

My side is thin
Because my pride is thick
Don't wanna die to live
I'd rather hide or quit

I'm sitting silent
Wouldn't lie to kick it
I'm reminded I'm fine
When ya climb up his dick

Give a sh**
What they're paying
Praying ruled it out
I'm not consumed
With stupid
Staying true to self

So f** applause
From the frauds
Leave em all
In the red
Detest the rest
Like I'm a veteran
Beyond the tricks

I'm not confused
Or the new the kid
I through with the useless
Abuse isn't cool
Being rude doesn't prove sh**
Refuse to be you
Ill resume what i do best
Eluded the foolish
Renewed when the truth hits

Choose and I'm through fast
Gloom is the new dead
Clues are the proof
That I'm doomed
When I rest
Decide I'm a nusciance
Won't lie
When I'm losing
Rather die by the truth
Than live a life I regret


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