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John Keenan - Lie To Kick It lyrics

Voicemail Mark Keenan (my brother) john i just thought of something really funny, remember when I was a little kid and I stuck the salad shooter on the back of moms muffler, laughs, call me back.
if this is action i can dig it will i ever fail slipping isnt something ive been in i flip it rediculous living to tell i kept it next with my focus eliminate the coldest frozen bogus foes exposed and chokin hoping those evoke the dopest ive been the problem and now im deleted and see we achieve what you couldnt believe ill sleep when dreaming isnt easy and my people arent in need you cant escape ive been up waiting nothings ever gonna beat us yea im tired still im running you were gone now im leaving
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I love the way you hate it when i rise and grind to get it never find another like me rather die than lie to kick it if im broken its a moment when im focused im a menace ive been killing em forget it ive been winning, its a feeling. ( repeat) (complete gibberish background vocals lol)
VERSE TWO im not a kid im one of the last ones the lyrical spirit is passed on we ask once then blast off im saying its limitless, ask Godmy rap bars make math hard but nothings in our way will you ever get whats missing can you handle what weve made? we put it together from nothing they hate it, I love it
and play like ive been insane when everything changes ill be running it my brothers next to reign i guess im just a rhymeslinger and im quick to rise, beat it ive been at it since your tiny little eyes couldnt see us
VERSE THREE you couldnt see me im leaving and beaten the path where nothing is easy and heathens attack hes creeping illegal believe me im mad ive got cds and keep no cash this is sasnak (Kansas backwards) just how can we all get it start at the bottom and laugh at a limit if i wasnt on it id be a pretender its not for a minute i live in the middle and they cant take me out of the country i claim its barton county quick to say it and they love it off to give it to the hungry and they all wanna know how i could be this clean cut and rippin im a pro CHORUS REPEAT X

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