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John Joseph - Rain lyrics

(John Joseph!)

Let it rain let rain
Its not about the money its not about the fame

Verse 1
Im still counting on the days away thats from this rain
I can't believe im so close that im from this fame
I got faith ain't letting go better believe it mayne
Im built up on love so much that i can't be tamed
Theres a place that i love
That is my country mayne
People dying kids crying cause thats just the place
We still dancing still praying cause we still have faith
The lord knows that i wish d**h never had a name
I hear it so much yeah man i know the facts
If i could stay in time i wouldn't take it back
We dont want to move on so we dont break the tracks
Gotta put it in reverse so we dont wear the cracks
I can't face the past cause its a bumpy ride
Up down left right like its on my side
When i hit the breaks it comes back to me
And i remember everything cause im a legacy

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Verse 2
Just sitting here all empty like a window pane
Letting things go through me like wind and rain
You never know whats coming here comes the hurricane
You better duck for cover cause no im not afraid
You got through the pane/pain now get through the gla**
Im in my own army yeah that's a fact
You can't punch through or kick through i won't crack
Cause im real and you're fake you're just an artifact
I said its pretty easy for me to get on stage
And once my time is up i leave a mark once made
Without music dont know where i would be today
I learned this from my life if i deserve to have the chance to say
I had a dream my life goal used to be a wish
Im almost there notice im still up here doing this
I had to change to a handshake from a fist
Yeah thats a great future its not something i want to miss


If you ever had a dream put your hands up
If you ever shed a tear put your hands up


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