Joey Trap - I Got Top In Bikini Bottom lyrics

[Kg Smokey]
Put a hole in a n***a like sponge bob
You n***as rock bottom at the bus stop
Your b**h a cum bucket
I'm at the chum bucket
That is my work shop mmm
b**h kiss my Squidward nose
This ain't no mistletoe
But I got her little camel toe wet
She wanna f** on me she wanna s** on me
Like Squidward blowing on his clarinet

[Joey Trap]
I do not finesse no b**hes, nah
I f** her once then I'm dippin, yes
I'm dunking on her like Scottie Pippen aye
You can't afford all the sh** I'm sippin' aye
b**h I'ma star just like Patrick hey
Ball like I play for the magic hey
Y'all want the sauce y'all like plankton no kidding
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After I f** her she fainting I'm sitting
Please tell your girl we not dating
Her bikini bottom is gone and she wasted I'm litty
You finished that's cool boy I pa**ed that b**h to you watchu mean
Rockin jordan shoes your sh** Payless fake a** fool, dollar tree
Kloud God squash beef krusty krab
Squidward songs I ain't into that
Kloud God squash beef krusty krab
Squidward songs I ain't into that
Krusty Krab Pizza For You and me
I'm flipping Pies Like its UFC
Your b**h is chasing my chocolate
Chocolate b**h I done spit on her, got her wet
Please don't forget my kelp shake
Look ma' no hands this ain't all state, aye
"I finessed your b**h!"
No I didn't I just f**ed lil n***a
She gon' swallow kids
That's your girl? she out of luck lil n***a

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