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Joe Hertler - Red Wings lyrics

Just keep laughing it off

They left you standing in a cold place
They left you standing in the dust, oh no
I can only imagine what you went through
When you sold your faith for luck

You walked around under the shadows and the fog
Their bony fingers always covering their eyes
They kissed your lips and put a bag over your body
But you never let them bury your mind

Just keep laughing it off

Do you believe me now
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I know it's to believe in anything
You are the fire that should have gone out
But got bigger and stronger in the wind

And a spark still burned on
And one by one we all caught fire
With concentrated love
Don't fear the shock, just grab the wire

You are beautiful and strong, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
The gods are singing all your songs, you can see it in the evening sky
When you had nothing you had it all
And you never gave up anything
Except for overflowing love
Like a Detroit angel with red wings

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