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Joana Zimmer - Lets Get to the Love Part lyrics

There's been 20 days and 20 nights of butterflies
I've been sittin' tight listening to all bout your life
You talk a mile a minute bout your brand new car
Bout your big career and how your doing so far

Let's get to the point
I hope I'm not out of line
Now Baby I ain't really in a rush
But in the interest of time

Let's get to the Love part
Let's get to the real thing
Let's have a little heart to heart
Come on and get to that kiss
I want it right here like this
Let's get to the Love part
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Cause I'm ready for the real deal
Let's do a little face to face
Am I making my case
I want it right here like this
Let's get to the .....

Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh,
And the
Do, Do, Do, Do, Do,
Some of that
Hm, Hm, Hm, Hm
Yeah Yeah

Another Foreign movie and a starbucks night
Can't we be alone and maybe turn down the lights
Now It doesn't take a genius with a masterplan
Just a restless moon and woman and a man

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