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Joana Zimmer - Can't Fall Down lyrics

Perfect still
Everything I used to fear
Can Lightening strike twice hope so
Cause it's struck me here
I only speak your name
Anyother words to me have no say
Strangely real
These feelings
So stare me down
I'm showing all i am
Bare and unmasked
Cause I've....

Frozen time
Slowed my mind
Can't fall down
Don't even need to breath
All my life
Being with you
That's what you've done to me

I listen in to your dreams
So i can be there if you call
Stumblin' sometimes my heart beat
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Almost wakes you up
You're the closest I've come to truth
Everday I get closer baby. Close to you
Forget the world pounding at the door
Here less means more
When life's outta control
Twisted and tough
When everyone else only seems to judge
I won't ......

Frozen time
Slowed my mind......

Now I believe in love with you
Everything I thouch is you
Anything i have's for you
You freed me
Now I believe in love with you
Everything I touch is you
Anything I have's for you

So what happens next
All secrets are out
No way to predict but I have no doubts
If you were me
Baby if I were you
We couldn't be any closer

Frozen time
Slowed my mind.......

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