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Joana Zimmer - Any Other Day lyrics

Any,any,any,any,any,any,any other day
Ohaaaa aaa aaahhh
Look a lot like rain the wind is blowing
Through the threes
Funny but I dont remember seeing
Any thing so fine
Maby I got something wrong with me
I listen to the traffic news its sounds to me like poetry

Its only a day like any other day
But it gfeels like a different day
Its only a place like any other place
But its seems like a different place
And i think it must be love
Yeah i think it must be love

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A bus is driving by a man is walking
Down the street
Its funny but i dont recall a scene
As beautiful as this
Something is not right with me
I'm shure
I've never seen with these eyes
I've never felt like this before

Ref:its only ...

You are the reason why you are the reasons why
You are the one who's
Turned my whole world over

Ref: its only ...

Ref: its only ...

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