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Jisca MUTOMBO - Anybody Out There lyrics

Anybody out there that can mend a broken heart
I know I've done a lot of things I am not proud of but a second chance is what I want
I know there will come a time when it'll be too late to take back the lost time
But I am here out on my knees and I hope you're listening out tonight

Chorus : OOOOH ooooh oooh (this is the song of the broken hearted, Waiting for you to make it happen, This is the song of the people waiting.

When I look at myself all I see is flaws
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I can never do a single thing right at all
In your word you tell me am beautiful
But my mirror says something else
I am tired of the same old chapters that's repeating itself in my life

We put our hands up and we are waiting for you to shower us, (with your love and forgiveness take us in your embrace)
This the voice of the broken hearted

Jesus can you hear me calling (4X)
Jesus can you hear me crying (4X)

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