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Jesse Johnson - Wild and Loose lyrics

What time is it?

Hangin' by the backstage door, decked out like a queen
Your body's sayin' 21, but your face says 17
My intuition tells me, that you're waitin' for the band
Before you get your hopes up, one thing understand

Wild and loose, that's how it's got to be
'cause that's the only kind of dame that appeals to me
Wild and loose, the only life I know
Just havin' one big party from show to show

Talkin' trash to Jimmy Jam, "Tell us where the party's at."
We don't care who you came with, we'll take care of that
Just meet us at the Motel, Room 602
Tell your mama you won't be home, 'cause we got plans for you

(repeat chorus)
Universal freak delight, where'd you get those thighs?
Where did you get the nerve, to wear that miniskirt so high?
Don't worry baby, I can keep a secret for as long as snow is white
Hey Jesse? - Yeah
Come here man, guess what I did last night?

(repeat chorus)
Baby, you ain't no saint, 'cause there ain't no in-between
Either you come or you can't, now get loose, let me hear you scream

(repeat chorus)
Wild and loose - Ah pardon me, say it one more time
Wild and loose - I can't hit it baby, maybe I'm blind
Wild and loose - Everybody know you got to be
Wild and loose - 'cause ain't nobody cool but me, slap me
Wild and loose - Somebody, somebody sing it
Wild and loose - Tell your mama you won't be home
Wild and loose - Everybody know you got to be
Wild and loose - Ain't nobody cool but me, now break it down

Kim, wasn't the concert great?
.... Minneapolis is mine
Oh yeah, it sure was
.... She was right in the front row
.... I know man, she was sittin' there
Did you see Jesse up there, wasn't he fine?
.... She was lookin' at me so nasty, you know what I'm sayin'?
Oh yeah
.... But the groove was so strong
Morris looked so good
.... I know what I'm gonna be doin' in the back of the bus to night!
Yeah, but I think Jesse is cuter
Oh yeah!
.... Am I right?
I wonder what they are doin' after the concert
.... Ah, I got it to night Jimmy
Oh yeah, I got a strange feelin' they're nasty
.... You had it last night?
Yeah, I bet I'll remember this concert for the rest of my life
.... The lady called me up last night
.... She said "Morris, you can be so cute, pretty, fine, handsome, whatever"
So will I
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Did you see Jesse's eyes, aren't they pretty?
.... What can I say? You know ...
.... Yeah, I know what you sayin' man
Oh, they're so pretty
No one at school will ever believe I talked to Morris on the phone last night
.... Hey look, are they sorry, that group that played before us?
.... Oh, I believe you
.... Jimmy Jam, you know we're good
Hi's voice was so soft, he sounded so sweet
.... You know when we stepped in that club
Oh yeah, he's so cool
.... We saw Monte sittin' back there with his little girlfriends
Yeah, but now I want to meet'em in person
.... I said "What is it like bein' cool?"
.... Some people have it to cool
.... Oh, beat it jerk
Alright, look
God, get away, eh yuck
.... Man, look at these two chicks over ... man, look at this, look at this
.... Man, they look ...they look wild and loose
Kim, you ain't gonna believe it
The guys from THE TIME are right behind you
.... Man, the girls are lookin' right
.... Go on, won't y'all try and rap at'em and see what time ...
Are you serious?
.... They should take them jeans off, that's what I like
No, I'm not ... look, I ... I mean yes I am! Over there
.... I mean, you know, you know I got somethin' 4'em to put on
Oh my God!
Can you believe it? Look
.... You saw what I was with the other night?
Should I look?
Should I go over and see if he remembers me?
Oh yeah
.... It's kinda right. Do whatever you want
But what should I say?
Say somethin'
.... I got the back of the bus to night, that's all I got to say
Hi ... Hi Morris
.... Hmph! I know man. Hmm, excuse me. Hello, do I know you?
Yeah, you talked to me on the phone last night
.... Is that right? Well, you sure don't look like you sound
Well, excuse me!
.... It's OK baby, I got things to do, I'll talk to you later
Jerk! That was the worst concert I've ever been to

Wild and loose

(repeat chorus)
Wild and loose - I can't hear you singin'
Wild and loose - Help me out, help me out, hey
Wild and loose - Baby, I got plans for you
Wild and loose - Everybody get loose

Fellas? - Yeah?
Where the party at? - Right here under your shoes
Fellas? - Yeah?
What time is it? - Time to get wild and loose

What? - Time to get wild and loose

Somebody bring me a mirror

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