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Jesse Johnson - The Walk lyrics

Attention everybody! I'm gonna show you a brand new dance
It's called "The walk, the walk", just let your body talk 'til you're deep in a trance
You don't need no partner, you can walk all alone
Whenever you feel the groove just let your body move, walkin' to a beat of your own

Everybody walk your body, everybody walk
Everybody walk your body, everybody walk

Attention everybody! I said it ain't hard to do
Just walk, walk, let your body talk, walkin' so cool
Attention everybody! I said I just shined my shoes
So you can let your body talk, just watch where you walk or your life you're gonna lose
In other words, I'll walk you 'til you're dead

(repeat chorus)
The days of dancing in one place are gone
And honey, you know you can't dance with them tight jeans on
If you try to cop a dip, you trip, slip, and fall
Walking's for the cool baby, put on a camisole

(repeat chorus)
Who? Me? I wear baggies, zip, snap, and drop
Easy access baby. Yes, before you get a chance to holler "Stop!"
Besides, Rollo likes his freedom
Ain't nothin' like a fresh pair of baggies
Now I know that's right

(repeat chorus)
Hup 2, 3, 4, what the hell are we fightin' for? Walk

Damn, I'm 'bout to walk a hole in my Stacy Adams
What time is it?
Little cute guitar player, make your mama proud
I want all of Detroit City to stand up, clap your hands!
Alright you Polaroids, stay in time with the drummer
Jellybean, don't be so mean. Mr. Jelly, turn it around
Ba** man walk downtown. Go on and walk, Terry
I don't think they heard ya
What time is it? Rock City
Well OK, if you put it that way
Ain't nobody bad. Cheerio

We don't like policemen
We don't like new wave
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We don't like television

(repeat chorus)
Say, hey baby, where you goin'?
.... I'm going home. I can't dance like that
Well baby, that's because you got those jeans on to tight
Now let's just take'em off
.... What do you mean "Let's just take'em off?"
Come on, take'em off. I got something for you to wear. Here, put this on
.... Uh, you always keep lingerie in your glove department?
None of my women wear gloves. Now put this on
.... But...
But my a**. Hey, a play on words
.... But all the girls will stare at me
All the girls in this neighborhood already wear camisoles
.... I know, but...
But, but... that's because it's cool. Now let's get them jeans off
.... Ok, but I'm warning you
Warning me about what?
Mm, God, this zipper's tight. Here, why don't you lay down?
.... Um, that's what I'm tryin' to tell you
Stop tryin' to tell me things and pull!
.... But...
Come on, pull!
.... I'm warning you
Mary, sweet mother Jesus!
.... I told you
Damn baby, how'd you get all that in them jeans?
.... It wasn't easy
I know that's right, mmm! Well, I think you'd be more comfortable in this
.... I'm sure I would. I don't know
Hurry up Grace, song's almost over
.... My name's not Grace
I know that, but hurry up... Grace
.... Man, these are weird. I guess the tag goes in the back
Hurry up!
.... OK, OK, how do I look?
Almost as good as me, now let's go!

.... Hey Morris, what time is it? Who's the lovely lady? Introduce us
I'll introduce you to a headache if you don't get out of my face!

OK baby, now check this out. We gonna walk 'til the song's over
In other words, meet me at the bar in 32 measures, cool?
.... Cool
And if you're good, I'll let you work the stick in my ride. Uah ha ha!

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