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Jesse Jagz - Red Rose (Freestyle) lyrics

Roses are red, violets are blue
So many people in the room but my eyes on you

[Verse 1]
Three hundred people at my feet, I'm in a No Sweat tee, blue jeans and Converse
The weight of these gold bars heavy, my mic arm hurts
Everybody loves me, but its the wrong verse
Which means I never wrote it
But fuck it there's no opponents on this stage
That's my bro there, woah there, this is our turf
He sings, I rap sixteens, I practically compete for stage presence with his awesomeness
Then leave the audience with no bottom jaw, they on some zombie shit
Anyway, like in slow motion disembark the podium then mingle with the lowly men
We're only men but his historic stories we wrote in pen elevate us to glory then
We want to be millionaires, but skip the phony friends
Weaseling through the crowd
Eyes consuming us now
Clapping, I hear the applause and what a ubiquitous sound
Sister be beckoning, to her right I see yellow thighs
Green dress, brown eyes
Red lips

Ay bro, I'll holla at you later, I gotta see this chick real quick
Yo, yo can you see that girl?
Ay, she looks like this girl's sister man, what's her name again?
Ah shit, this guy I can't remember
I swear, ay, oh shit, is she smiling at me?
Let me go talk to her real quick
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Let me go talk to her real quick

[Verse 2]
I could have sworn that I met you in a life that was previous
Oh girl you shine like some VVS diamonds
And your smile is so mischievous
Lock us in a room where we both blind-folded
Unfolded red sheets and red petals
Some gingerbread candles and a grey tie
Brazilian nut oils, that's a great time
Sipping merlot, and I heard it through the grapevine
That on the low you not only had a great mind
But gave some great mind
I've got some beef for you that's A-Prime
Slow-cooked, cuz perfection takes time
This plate is yours girl, I ate mine
Hot wings, game time
Opera of the Phantom with the color finish
Beauty and the Beast, full petals, none diminished
Let's set sail across the Atlantic
And if we never make it, that's the second Titanic

Made me mess up my lyrics back there at the end
This for you though
It's D.K
And you know who you are
Red Rose

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