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Jesse Jackson - #TheMLKofOurTime lyrics

I salute my homie and friend Phillip Agnew for having the courage to address the needs of rekindling America's oft forgotten vision of “The Dream.”

For the last few decades, we have all witnessed the growing division of America through the injustice of political policies, racial inequalities, income disparities and struggling truths of addressing the issues that face all Americans, and plague the Black community the most.

But the longer we live the more I see the similarities between The Civil Rights Movement and our #AfterObamaMovement… you know the one that started November 5, 2008.

First it was the shock and ahhhh hell naw approach… then they took a page out of the NAACP playbook of pointless protests all aligned with the rhetoric of “Taking America Back To It's Glory Days.” One could question which glorioius day they refer to because I've recently watched 12 Years a Slave and Mississippi Burning and I know we are not far removed from those days. Or maybe it was the 80s when crack and poverty killed our kids and not George Zimmerman… or the police. Either way, I'm not about that life.

And while the media continues to blind us on whether the Tea Party is a Retro-fitted group of the Ku Klux Klan, who would love for the South to rise again, I wonder and ask where are the rest of our leaders?!

That's why I side with the Dream Defenders in addressing the pressing issues that truly grip our community, everything from Pipeline to Prison, Stand Your Ground, the Justice(s) For: Martin Lee Anderson, Trayvon Martin, Kendrick Johnson, Marissa Alexander and the Jena 6… I hope you all didn't forget that we have the Martin Luther King Jr of our time in Phillip Agnew.

*puts on POWER snapback*

But again my question is, where are the Malcolm X, James Farmer Jr., Harriet Tubman, or the Heuy P. Newton's of our generation?!

I mean I can't be the only person who see's the glaring similarities between our movements. In your grandparent's lifetime, Sydney Poitier broke the color barrier of film which then inspired a generation for Denzel Washington's who further created greater opportunities for the Will Smith's and Kerry Washington's of our time. Even the disagreeable Belafonte and Jay-Z have a common interest to inspire the next great leaders and businessmen who will further deteriorate racial and poverty barriers. They just have different ways of doing it.
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But where are the rest of our voices of reason?!

How many more fights are we going to have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton fight for us?!

We argue over the injustice of the 2nd Amendment Rights, which are clearly stretched too far through the NRA's political power, but we have no Heuy P. Newton's who will rightfully carry his/her AK-47 and Glock 9 and dare a man to ask him, “What are you doing here?!” on a cold February night in Sanford, Florida.

Sometimes it makes me wonder how fast the NRA would change their policies regarding the Right to Bear Arms if more 6'4″ black men, who fit the profile, openly carried their piece to keep a peace of mind and dared you to call them “Boy”, “Socialist” or “Nigger” again.



The problem with being Black in America, or just being Black folk, is that we need more leaders who have the Drum Major Instinct to lead and more servants who will fall in line to emPOWER the goals.

Respectably the Civil Rights Movement changed the conversation… We must now work together to change the circumstance.

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