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Jesse Howard - Writer's Blocked lyrics

I don't know what to say to the ma**es but dope flow f** an 808 give me hats mixed with hits kicks and snares blasting slow just a rate of pace foot placed with the tapping this beat can gilmore the feats happy what's happening when I drop mics hit ya shallow surface the beats smash ya
The feat pa**es streets you gamble with heat seeking features speakers cash in I read and reap sow weak or dazed streaks today laughing Who wanna test I'll leave you running in circles Tron guess No wordplay just straight up flow with sk**s and finesse oh lord wait not finesse blessed with a sword that's metaphors slicing hordes f** the foreplay in the cut with wordplay horsey subjects and predicates get predatorial with editorial ted'll tour rio terratorial when I jura**ic vibe the landscapes better boreal what's golden mountains over your hills Tria**ic spies mandates your Loreal You men fakes like plastic dikes with hair braids and queer mates I'm ocean flow you just Ariel

Writers block this my writers block
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This my writers
f**in writers block

I don't milk sh** like Nestle cause my poison don't need to sell hit the weed for cells preachers fell ether sk**s one way street to hell even with no might mic mice fell the E did well Yoda quiet one when I'm speaking sk**s I'm the teacher still guru who knew they of the dawn when I squee G pail

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