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Jesse Howard - Venom For Snakes lyrics

When these thoughts band together it's off the top like High Hats
Smith these words over airwaves it's Aerosmithed; Fly Raps
Some Rock Box Steeze
No flexing cymbals

Why ask?
This vanity game is SidVicous mind stamps
Like punk a** faggots with more cocks in thy a** strung
Pa** baggage
Get no props in my pa**

Pa** that line fast because it's sunk rapid with flow
Ocean sails that ride past
No shipping flows to stores
Sales aren't my task

This tune has no violence with truth
With low sirens; yea the patrol eyeing this
No patron no more
Crews have blown one eyed grips; grasp

Fire blasted?
I'll give em that
With that, I'll roll this sh** like it's dice; "Craps"
Living in Hell can find they show and tell spittin in wells
Wishing they flow and sell forgetting why they started spittin cold and pale

I'll piss off any "John Doe"
My long john's drawn low
I spawn slow and draw n hold
My John's Hancock is mine

No drawing for your sets songs and wrong hoes. Ya'll dead wrong
So I'm on the "Don's" scope
Washing jaws that Dongs probe

I spit it
I spit it
I spit this venom
I spit it
I spit this venom

My venom sink in like Spiders man
Exhibit this
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My brink?
Skim light horizons bent

Can go the 8 miles and flip both styles damn
Rabid rabbit or poppa doc
Shape shifts the piled plans

Off the T like parties can walk into boston
Grip my heat spark blam i earn my steal like frying pans
That's merritt solid packed
Supplyin grams

Nine iron
Gulf smashed
Tire canned
I ride by

Chug entire cans
Engine swimming
A wired man
Blow out the fire and pricks pinning my tired "can"

Quote on quote?
I'm higher than the words
They spill like oil pans
Fly and pan

Head in the clouds
Blasted since birth
Tasks for it's lacking the morse or brail...

Failed plots
Baskets of porcelain
Fragile but real
The flash of it spills

Past this the source spin
Smashing trash rappin askin for sk**s
Where they at?

I spit this
I spit this venom


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