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Jesse Howard - Troublemaker lyrics

Now in my younger days I would sport a shag
I'd dim the hunger pains
Just to sort the tracks
Sit back coerce the tracks

Spliff grass proportion facts
Chit chat to tour the map
Flick ash proportion bags
Split gaps and thwarted class

With that afforded tabs
Floor the gas tour with cats
Escort it back to hoard the stash

Did work but more to pass did that
"decor" the past with cats in touring cabs
It's boarding fast no more to grasp
Spit raps in according fashion

Started out with bad approaches rapping bogus
Barking foul facts in focus now I'm loud on tracks eloped with topics where mental states toxic penciled waste face the world hypnotic

Aw shit
These gullable faggots like sullen full fabricated tug and pull raps that have this skull of full packets of grape drink colorful past wits on hates brink

Have you even got some time believing talk from five or more sources who's bullshit spills more if it's hawked from dry orafices applied more since it's jive morphosis are choruses pried from more with it's lies extorting shit

Get it. Straight
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Get it? Straight

Can't take jokes? Fuck it. Let it play

Past I better look back at it
Latched but never hooked bad addict
Glad my lever pushed grabs at it
Its craps added

Fuck this shit luck is split
Past baggage fuck a hit
Rather spit tracks savage
Spit hazmat and crash lavish

Its flashbacks is slashed ravished
I grab a pen to get cynical
Minimal pivotal pinnacles
Back again to get digital

Stack amends shit gets pitiful
My head feels like a time bomb I'm ticked off
Shed feelings spite the shine gone kicks rocks

I could spit something how many stupid to believe it
Nim-wits nothing sounds putrid you concieve it
Bionic hearing like a bunny rabbits my phonics tearing mics
Funny habits on wax or gigabytes tracks gunning to spin a plight it's patched in a mic

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