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Jesse Howard - Traveling Man lyrics

As sporadic as a metronome
Flashes tactics of vex that's flowing
Track my path perplexed it's shown
Smashed i rap it best i show em

No shits given
Rhythm is my living to adapt to any situation
With logical perseverance to clash with many
Shit's a matrix topical verbs to smear it

Option able to spare this
State a message print in bold
Break to rep it stints are folded
Rate my methods brink corroded

Traced to stress it think I notice
Never give a fuck it's mental replications
Rhetoric is enough mental headed patience
Said it give a fuck sober pencil ended maintenance

Could waste a whole track spanning out my homage
Should take a moment back span it oust my knowledge
But not right now I've come to explain these surface emulations

No drug induced poetry
Flushed It's useless so is meaning
When an emcee busts a useless flow it's seeming

My revision is provision
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I envision a better living
Ahead of the cheddar ridden
Spitting these letters trippin

My missions a better living
The lever's missing but lifts and I never miss it
Itching to shift it and end descriptions

Lifting my head and fist
And spit it to spend admission
Pitch in with letters written to the game

My knowledge and my talent
Mother had born to her
Rushed college
A chalice smothered my formula

Knowledge wasn't balanced muttered abnormal flux
Ditched it
Like it's a foot race no exits known
Slide into put wait what place is next? It's strolling

Now I'm trying to find a good place to rest the bones
Trying to push paced these sets are home for the moments
With A-Z Hip-Hop producers and artists in my ears
"A-B" just bop hard lists pollute bliss in my ears

People think too lightly it's on some screens
Might be likely that you all need meaning

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