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Jesse Howard - The New World lyrics

Welcome to the New world
The New World
The New world
The New world

Welcome to the New world
The New world
The New world
The New World

I'm on the song trippin several ways
When it's hella paved the track got me spittin
Sippin on this lemonade
I squash life's lemons like there's hell to pay

So it's Tart like Sourpatch lemon taste
But Sweet with the smell and taste when it fades
On to the next I stay swell and hella faded
Like cauliflower ears under fucked up fellas shades and...

Check me out
I wanna be heard and not judged
Judged by not words...
But loved and not spurred

This is not slurred
It's just a path I walk with heavy Boulder shoulders
I will not budge and not swerve
No grudge to flocks; "birds"

Like some Purp this is elevating
Bomb Sour D in a cellophane
And smells insane shit's loud
Rosa Parks

Holding stark
Cuff lifted up

What's not up in smoke I legalize
Copyright this is love
Like preposition
Proposition 215

I made an era
But let me clear this up
Mr. Clean on the beat

My Bills should be rapped in a day
Blast shit away like I'm "Puff-Puff passin"
And rate better than average in grade grass
When I ash shit and play it

Burning raps
Laughing and playing it
But I'm one person not enough saying this

I just smile
Turn emotion to meaning
Every time I hear this
Cleans and redeeming

Nobody's "picture perfect"
Nobody like Beyonce
I keep my cap up like Chauncy

I remember that lesson
Apply like mom say
Leave a lane fucked up
Like I slid through a window on a sill

I'm so peaceful you could call me Malala
With that "speeding bullet" smoking
Small needed "la la"

Bye-Bye to sorrows
"Tomorrows" that's dark
Rainy days for foes it's hard to swallow
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Ha Ha

Haters don't get hate bad
Just a flake brushed so "hey ya"
Rewind the tape back to rate that
I cobra clutch mics to fix my elation

Steady paced it's fixed
I fix the Asians
Maybe on two Channels
Youtube and a few views to get me something; Mammal

When they mate
Two, Two
Lift it up too
Checkmate mate

Queen and king got this shit combined
You're a bit late
I'm freshest mate when I'm on the mic spit mine
It's fixed I Fix the Asians

Fitting nations mentioned cases
Any mix of races' faces

It's instantaneous
I run my lapsed delay with this
Pens ever at half my weight with this mic
Mic slice like swords

For letters Magistrate this shit
My lever on wax and bass and fit
Burning raps in place
Kick this run it back Asics shit

Since my 32's like 64's
I flip a switch
Spit liquid writtens
Like hydraulic bars

One end with two parts
Like two cars on different trips my mic's calling mars
Heavenly leaning co-pilot with god
Lifting weights to a throb

Waiting for jobs spitting speech to my youngins
And not sweet like an onion
It's real slick shit
Slick Rick fit business

I lift fist like it's activist shit
It's sick shit cannabis
Sick kids

Cure me
Cancer is what I live with on the FM waves
I can't get this
Yo so House Faggots check it out

It's business so give shist
When my fist lifts for activist shit
I spit mixed with this swift written
Detest mixed lessons for flexed fixed flexed fit headphones

I'm flexing
Civilians eating feces to stop diarrhea?
Secret hierarchies
Silent profits I ain't seeing with national coverage

Gasping for truth drowning in numbers coverage
Hell in vision
Hellen Keller Vision

Towers fall
Hear no see no evil
Smell this? it piles tall
My shit making difference

It's the New World

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