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Jesse Howard - Status Quo lyrics

Stop asking me if shit's synonymous
Yo I'm past the schemes
Slip quick into honest bliss
Not quite ignorance or inattention

Got mics in the clench more dim prevention
"him?" the mention get them to clenching
Grinding teeth flat I'm finding peace back to sly men beats
Flak jacket mentality raps behind the speech

Climbing peaks strapped with this
Hip-Hop describing task in timings past not as live as me
I ride that ass brain damaged behind the class
Change gone lunch money vanished famished the line is smashed no feelings like I crashed on Galapagos smash on sloppy hoes no healing light flash I jot the poems so if you think it's rash then I swat the hoes psychosis lapse when I stop to flow it's hardly acts when I talk to hoes shit

Ask if I got the jokes
When I laugh at my sloppy quotes
Bitch you ain't got me nope

Cause I get up used a bit
Fuck I'm used to it
Can't get the news to fit so I lose the shit
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Find the right shoes to fit?

Fuck that Branded confused a bit
Time I Fuckin get boozed again
Walking miles in these shoes is like bowels that i spew with it
Wild and I do defile whole crews with it

Childish feuds? Would prefer I peruse the shit
Shitheads who would wildly "palooze" is mixed
So wild style is excuses shit
I'd rather die free and broke than rich and enslaved

Padded nights pleas and jokes men rich in a daze
Smother the streets... homeless... covered in grease
Huggin the streets suddenly heaped
Like I'm sullen up
Chug in a Suite
40 from Mullen to wheat I be fallen in deep

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